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Velvet Rope

Est. 2017


Crafted MCC, riddled & labeled by hand.

We’ve all stood in line behind that ‘velvet rope’ separating those who may enterand those who may not.

Velvet Rope was created by two friends to celebrate 30 years of friendship and dedicated to those spontaneous moments when friends get together.

An artisanal MCC, handcrafted with care. A celebration of family and friends.

Alistair and Matthew invite you to join them behind the velvet rope.

@VelvetRopeMCC #MyVelvetRope

What Drives Us


The name is in reference to the ‘velvet rope’ that normally divides exclusive VIP areas from the general masses.

For Alistair Wilson and Matthew Krone, the idea behind Velvet Rope MCC was to create a platform where everyone is always invited to bring along friends and loved ones; into that personal space, involving conversations and laughter with people close to you and where ‘everyone is behind our velvet rope’.

Matthew (the winemaker) and Alistair (the restaurateur) have been friends for over 30 years; so after many, many, many years of laughter and long late-night conversations, the creation of Velvet Rope MCC was a natural progression to celebrate friendship and share their passion with the people they love.


Matthew is a 12th generation winemaker, and his family have been making wine in South Africa for over 300 years. His family are the only winemakers in the history of South African winemaking to produce a bottle fermented MCC under licence to a French champagne house. Matthew and Alistair spent endless hours identifying the ideal vineyards to source only the best quality grapes, and our Velvet Rope MCC bottles undergo between 2 – 3 years bottle fermentation before being released;
so you will always know that only the best quality MCC is considered our ‘standard’.



Velvet Rope does not conform to the ‘usual’ look, and is not pretentious or exclusionary.

Velvet Rope is a celebration of friendship, life, passion and laughter.

The riddling process